Sister Marie Elizabeth/Grace, Part 4

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Written on February 21, 2017

Sometime before Grace entered the Carmel, it all kind of flashed before me and I laughed out loud in wonder at God’s mysterious ways. Grace’s conception and birth were like none of our other kids. Her conception is probably only relatable if you are or were an NFP user. Happy to share about that privately. Even in utero, Grace was fiesty and active. I would wake up and she’d be traverse. She’d be breech. Our doctor had us go to the hospital, me gowned up and in the bed. He wanted to turn her hoping she’d stay put until birth. She had turned *herself* sometime during the night!

She eventually turned breech again and when I was many days overdue, we had to schedule another attempt at turning and induction. But I went into labor the day before! I had a house to clean and toddler to get settled so I ignored it. At some point, I thought it best to call and the nurse sternly said to get in the office. On the way, my water broke! I am still mad that I let Cash, who had met me there, talk me into sloshing up to the office instead of straight to the hospital across the street! 🙂

We were quickly sent over and I felt calm, being reassured that it was possible to deliver breech. But at some point they called it and I was being pushed down the halls and elevators for what turned out to be a crash C-section. They didn’t even take the time to prep Cash. He had to stay outside. I was crying and the sweet nurses were trying to console me but all I could selfishly say was, “I don’t want a c-section.” It’s funny now. Never did I think anything was wrong with our baby.

I woke up from anesthesia for a few seconds asking for my baby. She was somewhere getting checked out. Cash had run back to work to clear his desk. The nurse asked if we had a name. I said Grace. Grace Judith. Two names not even on our list. Then I went back to sleep.

Neither of us saw her being born. She was perfect and beautiful. We learned that as they were wheeling me into the operating room, nurses were crying and the doctor prayed! Now it all feels like such a God moment. Like He knew all along. And of course He did..

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