Sister Marie Elizabeth/Grace – Part 13

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Written on July 3, 2018

The day before we left San Diego to take Sister to Carmel, we went all over taking pictures at our favorite places. It was fun, but bittersweet. I look at this picture often, taken at a beach we love, trying to remember what it all felt like, remember what she felt like, remember everything. So many different feelings these past two and a half years. Disbelief that one of my kids discerned a vocation, an incredibly hard one. Relief knowing she is in such a good place in this crazy world. Happiness. Sadness. Pride. Sometimes it is just a deep missing her and her presence in our home and all the crazy things we do. If you know us in real life, you know it just never seems to not be crazy. We do them without her and while we’re still doing what we do, making memories and making plans, there is an emptiness. It is a loss, not the same as death we know, but a dying to the world and a dying to a life lived in such a big, fun way. She was fun and awesome and cool! She still is.

I’ve been thinking so much about her and the great sacrifice the women and men in cloistered monasteries make leaving all of this behind to answer a call to something greater. And the sacrifice their families make. There are so many things I could write and that I want to share, so many funny stories she’s told us and pictures she’s drawn for the boys. This latest letter had a hilarious drawing of the cow she milks. She’s a really good artist. I’ll save more of that for another post. 😊

It is incredibly humbling that so many of you enjoy reading these posts. I know I need to get them to a blog so that new friends can find them all easier. We are blessed beyond measure by your prayers for her and for us. Thank you. ❤

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